We give you valuable advice in complicated processes.

Acquisition, merger and sale

We know  that selling  your company is a  demanding process. Mercur  Corporate Advisors are here to guide  you through the process, and represent  your best interests at every turn.

      1. First we need to understand  your goals. This allows us to present  and discuss all options available to you. We will  also analyze how much your company is currently worth.

2. The  next step is to create  a  plan for networking and  promoting the sale while maintaining  the utmost confidentiality. When we have identified a number of attractive buyers, we will  help you evaluate the best fit. When you are confident in your  choice, we will draw up all the documentation requested by the buyer.

3. Finally, we work  diligently to negotiate the  sale and close the transaction.  Our goal is to obtain the best price  and terms from the buyer.

Consultation on financing

As corporate advisors we often support companies in financing, with banks and the international capital markets. We have long-term experience and will provide you with the expertise and guidance you need in order to achieve the price and terms your company deserves.